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VA®  worn-of-women!

the prettiest condom

…and works better than it looks.  Keep reading!

VA® changes the world of female condoms, and we’re pleased to show its beautiful appearance.  No other female condom brand has EVER said that!The V-frame fit.  A pretty-in-pink look.

Picture yourself!

“The European launch of the VA w.o.w will undoubtedly begin to change safe sex practices like never before,”  Dr. Gregory F. Rosen, MD, Chief Medical Advisor, Los Angeles

The Lancet Medical Journal, Clinical Study  :  the VA ® rates highest rates in protection efficacy compared to the FC2® and other brands, and has a 97% user satisfaction rating in a User Survey.

In beautiful rose-colored latex.   The VA® has a firm flexible outer V-shape frame that lays flat and snug up against your body – – for an elegant V- shape fit and look between your legs!

The only “worn-of-women” condom designed to lay smooth and tightly against your body when inserted,  as shown above – – protection and aesthetically pleasing to you and your partner!

See how the flexible V-frame holds the outer shield of the latex  pouch open and taunt, for ease of entry by your partner.

See below both sides of the  condom as it looks upon removal from its foil package, with inner white sponge laying flat.  One shows the V-frame and folded lubricated latex pouch laying flat.

The latex shield remains outside the vagina covering the vulva of the woman,  providing unmatched protection by preventing skin-to-skin contact for both partners.

The VA® does not need holding in place with its body-hugging design for a stationary fit and ease of partner entry because of its simple sensual appearance!

The body-hugging VA® shown above, fully inserted into the O-Cube display model, gives a simple “hands-free” and attractive look.

The easy insertion of the pouch and inner soft flexible sponge into the vagina —  with the sponge easily unfolding when fully inserted, holding the pouch in place is simulated in the O-cube display.

Compare the VA® to the other brands... see below:

Other brands of female condoms with  outer ring frames,  hang loosely outside the woman after the over-sized pouch is inserted, creating an unsightly appearance and requiring hands-on assistance for penis entry.

Typically other female condoms must be held in place with one or both hands to position the condom opening for accepting your partner’s penis.

Other brands have flimsy unsightly outer rings or 6-sided hexagon frames with a longer than necessary pouch length that allows the outer ring/frame and excess pouch material to hang and droop outside the woman…unpleasing to see or use.

So welcome to the Venus Age, leaving behind the unpopular female condoms of the past! 

Announcement/Press Release:   the exclusive partnership of IXU/HLL Lifecare, a new global nexus of design. 

Buy the VA today at  vawow.com.  For VA purchases in Europe and CE Mark-approved regions.  The VA is not yet available in the USA, pending FDA approval.

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Dr. Gregory Rosen, M.D., Chief Medical Advisor IXu LLC,  July 2017 Impact Letter for IXu condoms worn of women.

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