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Important News from IXu, December  2017:

Finally, variety in condoms worn by women – – – the FDA advises IXu it has commenced the process to allow simpler FDA approvals for  various new female condoms, including the VA w.o.w!

Independently, clinically highest-rated VA w.o.w Condom Feminine™ with a 97% user satisfaction!  

Worn-of-Women Condoms by IXu!

VA w.o.w has all the right features to become your favorite condom.

Now in beautiful Pink Rose color latex with firm yet flexible poly V-frame that lays flat and snuggly up against your body – – for an elegant fit and sexy appearance!


The only female condom, “worn-of-women”, that looks and fits perfectly on your body like this – – protection and aesthetic stimulation for you both!

The Venus Age Condoms™ are coming!

Here is the VA w.o.w in an O-Cube female condom display model.  See how the outer flexible V-frame holds the outer rim of the pink latex pouch covering the vulva of the woman,  providing unmatched protective coverage when worn, helping prevent bare skin exposure for both partners.

Other styles of female condoms are designed in a way to hang loosely with the outer frame drooping outside the woman when inserted, creating an unsightly appearance and requiring hands-on assistance for penis entry.

Typically other female condoms must be held in place with one or two hands to position the condom opening for accepting your partner’s penis.

Below are examples of other current female condoms, showing what you don’t want to deal with when using a female condom…holding and adjusting the outer frame in place.


The above photos show other female condom’s designs in an O-Cube demonstration model.  Their flimsy circular outer frames and longer overall pouch length permit the frame and excess pouch material to appear unsightly and awkward as they both hang loosely outside the woman when inserted, necessitating the woman to hold the outer frame in place with her fingers to manage an accurate opening for the penis to enter.

The VA w.o.w shown below does not need to be held in place with its body-hugging design for a stationary fit and ease of partner entry with its clean, simple sexy appearance while worn!

The above VA w.o.w inserted fully into the O-Cube vagina model showing the simple “hands-free” and simple neat look of the VA w.o.w when worn-of-women!


Above shows the easy insertion of the pouch and soft flexible sponge into the vagina —  with the unfolding of the sponge then holding the condom in place!



the next generation of women’s condoms will include our beautiful designs like…

The new VA Vibe Condom Feminine™  – –  the first-ever combination women’s condom and built-in vibe… in exciting styles offering protection AND stimulation for partners!

Venus Age Condoms™ by IXu!

See here comments and links about the VA Vibe™ based on the 50-couple user survey results (see full survey under Studies & Surveys heading)

dr drew crop

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IXu, a global leader in male condom innovation – –

including our independently #1-rated inSpiral®…now improved and springing onto the safe sex market!

The world’s only spiral-tipped, seashell shaped, friction-enhancing condom.

Now even better for 2017!

Previously rated #1 by Men’s Health, GQ and Cosmopolitan magazines.


Dr. Gregory Rosen, M.D., Chief Medical Advisor IXu LLC,  July 2017 Impact Letter

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