Studies & Surveys

  •  Click here:  50 Couple VA w.o.w. VIBE User Survey  The VA w.o.w. Vibe Condom Feminine is studied with an attached mini vibe device strategically located on the outer V-frame.  100% climax for women was reported by the fourth use.  82% of the couples reported they would purchase the item if available on the retail market.
  •  Click here:  Clinical Study by UAFC:  The Lancet Medical Journal reported the study in 2014 in which the VA w.o.w. Condom Feminine was compared to other available female condoms on the market in a 2013 clinical study.  VA w.o.w. received the best overall efficacy rating of all four major female condoms studied.
  • Prastut Consulting Clinical Study findings:  See below, 97% user satisfaction when wearing the VA w.o.w. Condom Feminine: