IXu Press Release:  November 30, 2017:  FDA proposes 2018 changes to ease market entrance for new female condoms!

IXu Press Release:  October 12, 2017:  Female Condom Update:  Why No News in Three Years from the FDA?  Press Release:  Oct. 12, 2017

IXu announces, August 2017:  Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow’s,  Letter to FDA, requesting news on female condom reclassification, three years in waiting.

IXu announces, January 2017:  Dr. Greg Rosen, M.D. of Los Angeles, CA, named Chief Medical Advisor.

IXu Press Release:  August 25, 2016:  VA Launch and Zika Prevention

IXu announces, December 4, 2015:   MIS Healthcare Ltd. of London, England named exclusive IXu distributor in the EU.

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